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Recyclable Brush Heads (Junior) - Oral-B* Compatible

Recyclable Brush Heads (Junior) - Oral-B* Compatible

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Buy 12 brush heads to get:

🌎 FREE Shipping Worldwide & ♻️ FREE** Recycling Returns for your used brush heads

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Why did we insist on creating our own Closed-Loop Recycling System rather than relying on any third party recycling scheme?

The answer is simple...a huge amount of that plastic ends up in our oceans eventually, destroying innocent ocean life. This was not at all acceptable to us. If every company takes small steps like this & with your support as customers, we can make a huge difference to the welfare of our planet and ocean life.

♻️ Recyclable product with Kraft paper packaging
👪 Coloured bands on each head for easy identification
🐇 Soft bristles & Smaller head for children's smaller teeth & mouths
💪 Long-lasting bristles 
🌱 Vegan & Cruelty-free

What will you receive?
2,6 or 12 x Recyclable Brush Heads with Soft Bristles


  • Any Oral-B* or Braun* electric toothbrush that is supplied with a circular brush head excluding iO versions
  • Any Superdrug/Asda/Aldi/Tesco electric toothbrush that is supplied with a circular brush head 

    And once you're done, please send them back to us to be recycled! ♻️

    **Free recycling for UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Netherlands, Ireland currently

    A review by eco-warrior & TV Presenter Julia Bradbury! @therealjuliabradbury

    "Dentist Approved" - a review by Eco-Dentist @dr.nicholl

    *** If you prefer NORMAL BRISTLES, press here ***

    *Please note-these are Oral-B compatible brush heads, Oral-B is a third party trademark with no affiliation to LiveCoco

    Please ensure that the brush head is not easily removable after attaching it to your electric toothbrush. It must be attached in a secure manner before use.

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