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Eco Dish Sponges | Pack of 4

Eco Dish Sponges | Pack of 4

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  • Our 4 pack of eco-friendly dish sponges are the ideal replacement for single-use plastic and nylon washing up sponges. Jungle Culture’s sustainable kitchen sponges are made using a plant-based, natural and organic blend of cellulose and sisal fibres.

    Our zero waste sponges are dual-sided. Gently wash away stains and grime with the soft, non-scratch side, whilst the firm sisal fibres are perfect for scrubbing away tougher stains as well as cleaning pots and pans.

    All of our sponges are made plastic-free, compostable and biodegradable. We design our reusable sponges to be breathable, porous and absorbent, making them the perfect hygienic everyday sponge!

    Set Contains:

    4 x Natural washing up sponges
    1. Odour free and machine washable: Our eco sponges are unscented and can be used as either dish sponges or multi-purpose cleaning sponges. If you use your sponges for cleaning, remember to wash after every use.
    2. Long-lasting bulk sponges: Our sponges can each be used for around 2-3 weeks before washing and can be washed up to 5 times. This means that one pack of 4 sponges could last up to 1 year!
    3. Heavy duty scouring pad: Our natural sponges are dual sided. If you’re washing pots and pans, simply flip your sponge over to the sisal side for a heavy duty scrubber! When dishwashing delicate glassware, the cellulose side is best for dishes.
    4. Multifunctional surface cleaner: Our sustainable sponges aren’t just for dishwashing, they’re also a fantastic cleaning tool. Use them to scrub your bathroom tiles, clean floors or wipe down surfaces, they really are the most practical plastic-free home cleaning tool!
    5. Packaged plastic-free: All of our products, including our sponge sets are packaged plastic-free. We minimalise the amount of packaging that we use to reduce waste.
  • To ensure that your kitchen cleaning sponges last as long as possible, rinse out and wring dry of water after every use.

    If you use your eco sponges to clean with bleach or another strong cleaning solution, then wash immediately after use or throw away.

    Our eco sponges are designed to be washed and reused multiple times, and can be washed using cold water and air dried.
  • What is the spongey side made from?

    The “spongey” softer side is made from plant-based cellulose.

    What is the scrubbing side made from?

    The scrubber side is made from sisal, which is a type of grass commonly grown and harvested in Asia.

    How long does each sponge last?

    The lifespan of our sponges will vary depending on the frequency of use and what the sponges are used for, but a typical sponge can last from 2 weeks to 2 months.

    Are the sponges plastic-free?

    Yes. Our sponges and their packaging are plastic-free.

    Are they hygienic?

    Absolutely. Our sponges are designed to be absorbent, but also porous, so water is soaked up and easy to wring out. Making them the perfect practical replacement for everyday nylon sponges.

    How often should you replace a natural sponge?

    You should replace your sponge when the sisal fibre side looks worn out and does not effectively clean anymore.
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