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Single Sided Polka Dots Cushions and Covers in Furnishing Velvet

Single Sided Polka Dots Cushions and Covers in Furnishing Velvet

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Feather, Poly or No Inner Pad

Our square cushions covers are made from buttery soft furnishing velvet and come in sizes 12" (30 cm), 16" (40 cm), 20" (50 cm) and 24" (60 cm). One side has an on-trend pattern and one side has a neutral back to mix, match and co-ordinate. There is a satin piping for a luxurious finish. Each cushion cover has a heart-shaped zipper and can be washed, are handmade in the UK and have a 5-year guarantee.  FREE PP in the UK and standard PP for outside the UK.

We sell a suitable inner pad in either feather or poly if you prefer an all-in-one or just the cushion covers to use with your own inners.

Q) There are cheaper cushion covers on the high street and in market stalls so why buy something more expensive?

1) Our cushion covers use water-based inks without chemicals or solvents, which is better for you, your family and the environment. The heat fixing procedure ensures the colours and prints are fixes without steaming where contaminated water could return to the waste system.

2) The quality of print and of finish gives you a 5-year guarantee, but we would expect our cushion covers to last far longer because they are a quality product that is different to what you can buy elsewhere.

3) They are made here in the UK using ethical methods for people and the environment. They are made to order so that your cushions will be made specifically for you and not hanging around in storage so no storage chemicals are used and there are no airmiles.

4) Finally, our designs are exclusive to us and you are supporting a small, independent business and all of the add on businesses that we use. Thank you for supporting us.

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