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Mint Seeds - 625 Premium Seeds

Mint Seeds - 625 Premium Seeds

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MINT - 625 Mentha Spicata - Premium Non-Gmo Seeds

Mint Herb: Zingy and delightful, this traditional garden mint herb is a hardy perennial that is easy to grow in pots on the windowsill or patio. A versatile herb that is fabulous for fresh homemade mint sauce, a simple herbal mint tea or refreshing mojitos! Potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, mint is known for to aid digestion, weight loss and a traditional remedy for healthier skin. 

Sow & Grow: Sow thinly 0.5cm deep in small pots of compost. Seedlings appear 14-28 days. Water well and keep in a warm, sunny position. deal temperature 15-20°C. Thin seedlings to 10cm apart. Allow 30cm between rows. Thin seedlings to 30cm apart.

Sow/Plant Outside: March - June; Flowers/Harvest: April - November


  • Cut the leaves as required, a few from each plant so they regrow quickly
  • Mint leaves can be frozen
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