Aromatherapy, Oils and Candles

The use of air fresheners and many scented candles can make everywhere smell lovely, but they rely on chemicals that we don't really know the long-term effects of, or in the build up of air pollution. The scent and fragrances in massage oils and skin oils can also be chemically created. The products we support offer a natural, sustainable option.
  • Spice Cartell

    Hand made, super high quality, small batch spice blends from the world's geatest cuisines! We've been making spices for some time now, from our own kitchens we developed some of out favourites spice blends, which eventually turned into a range of products and a business that we love. Our spices represent some of the most delicious cuises that we've come across and everything is made in the UK.

  • Camellios Premium Tea

    Camellios is an award-winning, premium tea brand with a focus on sustainability. All of our teas are sourced from the best growers and are hand blended, tasted and packed exclusively in the UK. we only use 100% natural ingredients in the production process. Our teabag retail packaging is recyclable and plastic-free. The pyramid teabags are biodegradable and filled with the finest whole leaf tea.

  • Succulento

    Succulento is a fine food producer of condiments inspired by our rich heritage of homecooking using natural ingredients and our passion for food. We help you recreate the nostalgia of great tasting food. They are made from 100% plants with natural preservatives. No GMO, no nuts, no thickeners, no sweeteners or artificial colouring. They present a good source of fibre and a blast of vitamins. We are delighted to have you join our journey to make taste a whole lot tastier. In addition, we will ensure operating responsibly in our business locations and will reach out with love to the local environs supporting projects that will add value to the people and the environment. Made in the UK.

  • Bran Marion

    Each nautical item is lovingly handmade in Ireland, ensuring its unique charm. Our items are made to order and are loved all over the world as the perfect accessory. But our dedication doesn't stop there. With every purchase, you join us in supporting malnourished children, as a portion of our sales goes towards their well-being. Moreover, we take pride in our carbon-neutral shipping, minimizing our environmental impact. Explore our collection and embrace the beauty that makes a difference.

  • Signare Tapestry

    In a world were fashion meets practicality, Signare stads as a beacon of excellence, offering an extensive collection that combines style and functionality. As the world's largest brand and manufacture of woven tapestry products, we use recycled materials and production systems to make our products sustainable as possible. We use recycled textiles to manufacture tapestry bags, proving that we can build high-quality and beautiful products from waste sources.

    The UK is the fourth largest producer of textile waste in Europe. The apparel industry is one of the biggest polluters for the planet and as a brand we want to improve our planet!

    Recyclable materials and innovative technologies help to
    reduce prolong material usage and waste in production.

  • Sveze Life

    With a passion for bold designs and strong aesthetics, SVEŽE creates fashion accessories and soft furnishings to complement and inspire varied lifestyles. Conceptualised in 2014, we focus on developing contemporary products with a fusion of regional Indian crafts and techniques. 

    From refreshing design concepts to the physical incarnation of the products, quality and superior craftsmanship is reflected in everything that we create.

    At SVEŽE, our business goes beyond design, manufacture and marketing of our products and services. We are working tirelessly to make a broader impact and far reaching impact to preserve our culture and empower artisans.

  • The Natural Spa

    At The Natural Spa, we produce beautiful products with one of our core values to be a sustainable brand that helps our customers to reduce their plastic usage and have a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Just producing plastic-free products isn’t enough, we work hard to ensure that the process from our workshop to your door is as environmentally friendly as possible. We are 100% vegan and are ethical in our working processes. Everything is made in the UK.

  • Etree

    At our company, we believe in the power of design to drive success. All of our products are carefully crafted, both in-house and through the expertise and innovation of our talented teams and trusted partners, to ensure the highest level of quality and innovation. As a UK-based company, we take pride in every aspect of our operations, from design to distribution. Everything is designed, manufactured, assembled and distributed here in the UK.

  • The Sustainable Watch Company

    All of our watches and straps are handmade. Handmade goods require less energy and natural resources, which result in significantly lower carbon footprints. All of our waches are straps are made from recycled natural wood furniture to reduce waste. Our products are vegan and a great alternative to leather straps.

  • Gloriously Good

    Our mission was to develop a range of products to help you achieve a gloriously good life. We use only the finest natural ingredients, organic where possible and fragrance with only 100% pure essential oils. 

    No artificial preservatives, no added colours, no chemical fragrances... Just all natural goodness that you deserve. Made in the UK.

  • Jungle Culture

    Jungle Culture's philosophy is to inspire people to see the beauty and purpose in nature. We create earth-friendly and functional goods sourced directly from independent artisans and makers from all over the world. We believe in fair and honest manufacturing and care deeply about building relationships with the local communities that we work alongside. Low impact, sustainable, zero waste, unique products.

  • The Conscious Seed Company

    We offer high quality, premium fresh seeds that can be grown in the garden, pots or containers. Ideal for small spaces such as windowsills, balconies and patios.

    Our eco-friendly, unique and fun products encourage conscious living, meaningful giving and a new generation of growers.

    We produce our gift kits, greeting cards and individual seed packs here in the UK. We believe that growing your own food from seed can be a very rewarding experience and part of everyones life regardless of how much space or knowledge you may have.

    We are passionate about creating a healthy and fun journey towards growing your own edible garden and gifting eco-friendly and sustainable products for those special occasions that will encourage people to start enjoying the benefits of plants. 

  • Organic Essentials

    Organic Essentials is a small family run business located in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Our business started with us hand picking natural fragrant botanicals from our garden / countryside and combining these with natural plant/flower essentials oils in an effort to combat our own personal ailments.

    Seeing the healing properties and health benefits we decided to share these with our friends and family and were exceptionally pleased to see the positive well being affects these elixirs were having.

    We use the finest ethically sourced natural ingredients, full or organic goodness. Made in the UK.

  • Ralph's Orchard

    Welcome to Ralph's Orchard, where we craft candles that are not only beautiful and fragrant, but also safe for both your health and the environment. Our story began with my youngest son (and namesake), and a mission to alleviate his respiratory issues by keeping our indoor air as pure as possible. We use only sustainable, cruelty-free ingredients in all of our creations, repurposing unique vessels, and offsetting all our deliveries by planting a tree with every order. Our candles are eco-friendly, biodegradable and locally sourced to keep our carbon footprint as teeny-tiny as we can. Join us and light up your world one candle at a time. Made in the UK.

  • Douvall's

    Douvall’s is a leading argan natural skincare, haircare, make up and wellness range offering luxury and innovative products of the highest quality, good for you ingredients which are responsibly sourced.

    Created by mother and daughter team Alicia and Georgia Douvall, the exciting growing award winning range was born after they discovered the phenomenal benefits of argan oil and found a gap in the market for a skincare and a make up range that not only is multi-tasking, it is packed with naturally derived skin invigorating ingredients that really work, organic yet sexy, classy yet eco friendly and natural.

    Douvall’s is a healthy glamorous lifestyle, we are always looking for ways to rethink natural, providing exciting and high performing toxic free products.

  • LiveCoco

    From bamboo cotton buds to natural teeth cleaner, we are producing products that are as sustainable as possible. In order to guarantee that our products are actually recycled, we've created our own closed-loop recycling system. So, our used products & packaging can be sent back to us for recycling. We understand that this is not the perfect solution but to be honest, it is better than nothing. We are not stopping at this solution however, we arealways working on ways to make our products and operations more eco-friendly.

  • Stanza Artigiana

    At STANZA Artigiana, we create bespoke candles and diffusers with the finest quality, natural ingredients. Our soy candles are hand-poured in small batches, ensuring a unique and luxurious experience for every customer. Not only do we offer a range of signature scents, but we also give you the option to create your own bespoke scent, tailored to your specific preferences.

    Sustainability is at the heart of our brand, and that's why we offer a refill service for all of our candles. By doing so, we reduce waste and ensure that our customers can continue to enjoy their favourite candles time and time again. In addition to our soy candles, we also offer a range of home diffusers, including Italian reed diffusers, which infuse your home with a subtle, long-lasting scent.

  • Terre Verdi

    Holistic beauty is at the heart of the Terre Verdi organic skincare collection.  We target skin and senses to boost both mind and body, and offer small batch products that are made with love and work to restore both inside and out.

    There are no synthetic ingredients in the range, as we believe nature has gifted us all that we need already. Our formulations are made of 100% natural botanical composition and follow a holistic approach, where both the mind and the body are important. 

    The aromatherapeutic benefits of our products go hand-in-hand with their skin benefits. For example, uplifting neroli is found in products like our natural Organic Face Cream (NeroliPom  Moisturiser) and Organic Balm (Argan Shea  Multitasking Cream), as it has the benefit to elevate your senses and mood.

    Our formulations have been created to be effective and to deliver great results without unnecessary fillers. Made in the UK.

  • Flawless

    We believe in offering our customers exceptional quality cosmetic products that perform to professional standards. It is important to us that all of our items are designed and handcrafted with respect for the natural environment. That is why we promise to never use anything animal related in any of our products. 

    All of our products are zero waste, cruelty-free, vegan and have been approved by PETA.

    We are an independent, woman owned, cruelty free and vegan skincare company based in North Wales. Approved by PETA, we are a cruelty free and vegan company with a strong eco-conscious ethos.

    Every product is handmade by in our studio, in small batches. This ensures ultimate freshness of our products for our customers.

    All of our skincare products are infused with therapeutic essential oils and are created using healing carrier oils, butters and actives that work with your skin. All of our products are free from parabens, palm oil and its derivatives

    We do not use unnecessary excess packaging or wasteful plastic inserts. We use recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging. Made in the UK.

  • Bear Loves

    We combine our backgrounds of interior design and art to produce a range of products made here in the UK. We believe that when possible, buying once and cherishing forever is a more sustainable and meaningful way to live. Everything we design is exclusive and in limited number but we also design one-off pieces for clients.